Asheville NC Bee Class with Les Crowder

Last year I attended an amazing Bee Keeping class that was taught by Les Crowder. Les is as close to an expert on Topbar beekeeping as you can find these days. He has managed to make the slippery transition into commercial bee keeping while still practicing the top bar method. This method gives the bees more freedom to design and build their colony rather than being persuaded based on comb size from wax foundation.

My first hive was a DIY topbar hive with a langstroth super on top. It was an odd little hive that served as a solid learning platform. Unfortunately my first hive was taken out by a hungry bear but spring time is approaching and I’ve got bigger and better plans for next year.

Enjoy this Gallery of photos from the class

Class Details


9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Green Hill Urban Farm
30 Green Hill Ave, West Asheville

This workshop is for people brand new to beekeeping, with an interest in topbar. We will spend Saturday together at Green Hill Urban Farm, learning about topbar basics from Les.  A thriving topbar hive will be close at hand, in the garden, for Les to also demonstrate some hands-on topbar basics with the bees.  Hearing Les speak and being in his classes is an experience in learning to love and respect honeybees … and helps set students on a path of strong ethical commitment and stewardship of these amazing insects.

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